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Town of Hiles - Job Position Description

Title of Position: Town Hall Custodian

Immediate Supervisor: The Chair of the Town of Hiles

Brief Description of Position: This position involves the custodial maintenance of the Town Hall facilities. The employee is expected to exercise independent judgment and perform tasks in the absence of supervision. The employee is expected to perform the duties in a professional manner. As an employee of the Town, the employee is expected to be courteous at all times and represent the Town in a professional and positive manner.

Essential Functions of the Job

Sufficient communication skills to be able to write, read, and speak in English and correctly interpret written information, policies, and rules.

Ability to bend and to lift light (20 pound) objects on a regular basis of two hours per work shift.

Ability to walk one mile during a work shift.

Duties of the Position

Maintain the Town Hall facility (meeting area, office, kitchen, and all restrooms) in a clean and orderly manner. This involves duties such as--

Clean, sweep, mop, and vacuum floors as necessary.

Strip and wax tiled floors when required.

Wash and clean kitchen counter tops, cooking surfaces, restroom sinks and toilets, as necessary.

Clean other areas and facilities when needed.

Remove any miscellaneous trash as necessary.

The Town Hall should be checked at least weekly to determine any necessary cleaning.

Purchase and obtain materials and supplies as necessary to implement job functions.

Report to the Town Chair any building maintenance items requiring service or repair (electrical, plumbing, lighting, etc.).

Desired Knowledge, Skills, and Experience

It is preferable that the employee/applicant be a resident of the Town.

March 11, 1998



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