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Town of Hiles - Job Position Description

Title of Position: Road Maintenance Worker

Immediate Supervisor: The Chair of the Town of Hiles

Brief Description of Position: This position primarily involves the maintenance and improvement of the roads within the Town of Hiles. The employee is expected to service the roads with appropriate maintenance practices. The employee must sometimes exercise independent judgement and perform tasks in the absence of supervision. The employee is expected to perform the duties in a professional manner. As an employee of the Town, the employee is expected to be courteous at all times and represent the Town in a professional and positive manner.

Essential Functions of the Job

Ability to perform heavy manual labor.

Ability to service and make repairs and adjustments to equipment.

Sufficient communication skills to be able to write, read, and speak in English and correctly interpret written information, policies, and rules.

Must posses a valid Wisconsin Commercial Drivers License.

Available nights, holidays, and weekends during snow, ice and/or wind storms, and other emergencies.

Ability to bend and to lift moderately heavy (50 pound) objects on a regular basis of two hours per day and heavier objects on an occasional basis.

Ability to sit and stand for up to eight consecutive hours per work shift with periodic breaks.

Ability to walk up to two miles on ungraded and unpaved surfaces per work shift.

A demonstrated acceptable driving record.

Ability to operate equipment including grader, truck, loader, tractor mower, chipper, chain saw, and similar equipment of comparable size and complexity.

Duties of the Position

Maintain Town roads, patch holes, and service roads with appropriate maintenance practices.

Maintain culverts and ditches.

Check and replace or repair damaged and/or missing road signs.

Plow snow, apply ice control material.

Maintain shoulders, mow grass, cut brush, clean trash, trim or remove trees and any related task involved in road maintenance.

Work with contractors as necessary when a contractor is hired for a Town job.

See that equipment is serviced with fuel, oil, water, and lubricants, and perform minor to moderate repairs to tools and equipment. Order and secure required materials and parts for equipment maintenance.

Post seasonal weight limits on Town Roads when necessary.

Perform other duties as necessary and as requested such as maintaining Town buildings and grounds, monitoring dam water levels, etc.

Take responsibility for implementing and following Town policies such as personnel safety, lockout/tagout, etc.

Desired Knowledge, Skills, and Experience

Experience and/or training in highway maintenance and construction work which includes operating intermediate size motorized equipment.

Knowledge of methods, materials, and equipment used in the maintenance and repair of asphalt and gravel roads.

Knowledge of traffic laws and regulations as they apply to motorized construction and maintenance equipment.

Knowledge and ability to operate intermediate size motorized construction and maintenance equipment, chain saws, and similar tools and equipment.

It is preferable that the employee/applicant be a resident of the Town.

March 11, 1998


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