Town Meeting Schedule

      FEBRUARY 12, 2020



Karl Tauer - Chairman

Brian Bukovic - Supervisor

Mark Ferris - Supervisor

Transfer Station/Recycling Sites

South End - Sat & Wed: 8am to 12pm
May - Oct: Sunday 8am to 12pm

(Located on County S)

North End - Sat & Wed 10am to 2pm
May - Oct: Sunday 10am - 2pm

(Located on Babcock Rd)

The Town of Hiles

A Rare Jewel and Yours for the Taking!

Where and what is Hiles? You'll never know until you come and pay us a visit. You may even want to stay, and we would surely understand.

What we enjoy in the town of Hiles is indeed rare. Wonder, beauty, and recreation abound will be found throughout the 150 square miles of the Town.

Eighty-two percent of our land is National Forest with the Headwaters Wilderness Area accounting for most of the area between the southern and northern portions.

Some of the finest campgrounds in the country are located here. However if modern and comfortable resorts are your choice you can find plenty from which to choose from also.

Most of the campsites and rental facilities are located on beautiful clear water lakes, almost too many to count. Fish to your hearts content, sail, canoe, kayak, or motor across the waters, swim and enjoy the sandy beaches. It is all yours to enjoy!

Hiking trails and scenic byway roads will take you deep into the woods, a treat enhanced by the abundant wildlife, surprise sparkling streams, and quiet glens of open space.

If it is sunsets you favor you will find them here in all their splendorous glory. Sunrises will bring the same Pleasure to early risers.

Peace and quiet also favors those who find themselves in the Town of Hiles, and friendly residents are another one of our prize attractions.

We could go on but you get the message. As we said earlier, Hiles is a rare, priceless treasure of a place. Some would want to keep it secret but we're willing to share. So come and visit us and don't be surprised if you want to stick around or come back time and time again.